At The Frame Center,

we are your mirror specialists! Choose from hundreds of moulding styles and sizes and let us create a one-of-a-kind custom mirror just for you!

Custom made mirrors are a must for any home decor. Our handmade frames are the highest quality and can be made in any size, color, and finish.  Whether your taste is simple or ornate, we can create the perfect framed mirror you desire.


Mirrors come in so many shapes and styles, adding visual interest to the walls of any home.  They are great additions to any home - entryways, halls, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, or baths - any room is perfect for a mirror display. We can make your mirror a work of art by creating a magnificent frame design. Coordinating with your furniture and walls is our specialty.  Style, size, and shape are all factored in to insure a fully integrated decorative transition.


Beveled mirrors add an extra sparkle. We use the best quality glass with polished edges.  Antiqued and smoked mirrors are easily obtainable.


As a special service, we can deliver and hang your mirror.  It is our pleasure to serve you. So stop by the store and let us create a wonderful mirror and frame design that reflects your personality and home décor. We are your mirror specialists.