Why use a Custom Framer?

Experienced, professional custom framers have the talent and craftsmanship to turn your framing project into a work of art. At The Frame Center we have all the state-of-the-art materials and skills necessary to preserve and protect your personal work of art for generations to come. Your personal items will need archival materials that do not contain impurities that can damage your art. Talented and knowledgeable custom framers can assist you in preserving your keepsakes and presenting your artwork in the best way possible. 

At The Frame Center we have thousands of frame and mat options available to help make the best choices for your projects. From these many choices we are able to narrow the selection down to some of the best combinations that will most enhance your subject.

What's Next? Select the Right Art...

It may seem obvious, but you need to make the right decision about what to frame and what you plan to do with it after it is framed. If you are in the process of decorating a particular room, it would be best to have a theme before picking out the art, as well as a palette of colors that will coordinate or complement the room.

Color schemes and a particular style will help tie everything together and make your framing job a lot easier. You will now be able to select art, colors and framing that will be at home with the room. A more formal room will require the selection of more formal-looking art pieces and framing approaches. You will therefore take a more symmetrical approach to the placement and arrangement of the art when you hang it. A more casual room setting can accommodate more colorful art and framing styles that can be hung in more unusual and exciting groups.

Selecting the Right Frame

You have an object of art, a collectable or sentimental item that you want to get framed. How do you decide how to frame it?  Picture frames are as limitless in style and coloration as the artworks they complement. They come in thin sleek, thick, wide, narrow, smooth and simple, ornate and embellished.  Woods of all types and there are also uniquely designed metals.  So how do you choose?

First, the frame should be compatible with the work itself. The framing should always enhance the art and never overwhelm it. The colors and style should be complementary rather than competitive. The professionals at The Frame Center will be happy to help you select the best options for the item you are framing. It would help if you came prepared with information regarding the room where you plan to hang your art. Information like the size of the space on the available wall, your decorating style, your color scheme and information about any other pieces that you may be hanging it with. You may want to bring along some fabric and wall color samples. The experts at The Frame Center will guide you every step of the way. 

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