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We can frame just about anything that is of significant value to you including, military or historical memorabilia, family heirlooms, diplomas, any type of momento or 3-D object that you may have. Our specialty services include, conservation framing, mounting, stretching as well as framing all types of needlework. Designing and crafting custom mirrors, multi-opening custom-designed matting, laminates, oval frames, shadowboxes, collages, oil restoration and more. And don't forget to

inquire about our at home consultations.

Need help in choosing art for your home? The design experts at The Frame Center are here to help.

Have oversized art in your home that needs framing? Call us for a pick-up.

Are you saving all of your family photos in a hatbox?  Call one of the consultants at The Frame Center to help you design a family heritage wall.

Does your room need refreshing/updating? 

Revitalize your art with  new current

mat colors or stylish contemporary frames from The Frame Center.

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